I decided to discontinue – formerly known as spotifyscrobbler. Here’s why and what’s next.

Spotify doesn’t care.

It’s plain and simple. Spotify does not appear to be interested in the work thirdparty developers do for them and the community. Even though the feature of scrobbling from Spotify Connect devices had been requested for years, Spotify did not bother to work on the feature. Their api rate limit and their brand protection team made it even worse for developers to deliver such features.’s new feature. added an Scrobbling from Spotify Connect feature. After this feature had been requested for years seems to have made some kind of deal with Spotify regarding an exclusive api. Basically it’s everything the Community – and I – ever wanted. Now, scrobbling to from any Spotify Connect device is possible without any 3rdparty applications. Thus, I dont see a point in putting more effort in this project. Working against an api limit and Spotify’s brand protection team (they forced me to stop using my old domain even though it was clearly an unofficial project) is annoying and cetainly it does kill the fun such a project usually should be (especially if you don’t earn anything with it).

If you’re still using a Spotify Connect device, you should use the new scrobbling feature.


I have not realy decided what I’m going to do with the project. Maybe I will continue the project in the future just without the lastfm bridge. At least im definitely keeping the domain. If you’re concerned about your user data: I have already deleted any user related data (listening data, emails, password hashes, etc.). So there will be no follow up project with the same database.

Thanks to all the users who used my service, gave me feedback and especially thanks to the few people who donated. I really did appreciate the donations. 🙂

If you liked my project you can follow me on twitter (@larscx).



Apparently, some people are still interested in my standalone scrobbling script. It’s still online and should work fine. Here you go:


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